I simply loved the continued love story between Jenny and Brian… in book 1 Jenny’s ex-boyfriend was killed and Jenny got framed. The Hot COO Brian.. and I mean sizzling has swooped up on the beautiful Jenny.. but then again Jenny has stolen his heart for keeps. … Bound is just as Sizzling with lots of fun and action.. a definite page turner in more ways then one.
I can not wait until book 3 is out… I need know what happens next…
if you want to know what happens to Brian and Jenny… you should read book 2 Bound




This book was fast paced.. I loved the beginning of the starting romance between Jenny and Brian. Jenny: a successful business Woman with her sites set high for achievment for herself and her family… Brian: a wealthy COO with his heart lead by one thing…
read Shattered to find out what it is that draws them together.. I did and loved it

V. Games: Fresh From The Grave


for book 2 of V. Games: Fresh From the Grave.. I loved it…
Salena was the winner from the first V. Games.. she lost a few good friends during the first game… Now as she goes back to that dreaded island to rescue a friend… Salena goes back she realizes she must face the dreaded VanHelsings….but she has help. If you are wondering who that help is… you need to read this book… I did and loved it.. it is full of lots of surprises…

Up coming book release for Karen DuBose #BlackForestBlood


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“Her fate will either empower her or kill her!”
If you love shifter books! Check this one out.



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“Fate may have empowered me, but she also destroyed who I use to be!”





The Truth Bear

Title: Truth We Bear
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: May 1st, 2018
How far would you go to ensure your secrets remain buried?
When James Blakely agreed to work as Jezebel Tate’s bodyguard, he offered everything he had to keep her safe, but he hadn’t expected her to claim his heart. A year later, James’s hidden past has emerged from the shadows, threatening everything James has fought to protect.
Jezebel believes the demons that haunt James extend far beyond Living Light, the birth place of the massacre that claimed his family. In an effort to mend his fractured soul, Jezebel insists he confronts those demons, but James fears what she doesn’t know can kill her.
In this thrilling conclusion to the Pieces of Me duet, James must confront his past–before it claims his soul.
This incredibly STEAMY STANDALONE contemporary romance has it all: humor, danger, and an erotic romance. It’s perfect for fans of Sylvia Day, E.L. James, and Meredith Wild. For readers ages 18+.
Danielle Rose holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine. Currently residing in the Midwest, where she spends her days dreaming of warmer temperatures, when she’s not writing, she enjoys pretending she lives in California, spending an embarrassing amount of time at Hobby Lobby, and binge-watching Netflix. Visit Danielle on the Web:
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Absolute Magic - Stephany Wallace

Absolute Magic the 5th and final book in the Ancient Magic series..
Ever since Bri Anwell was brought into the druid family as being the granddaughter of the High Priest Neil “Grandpa” Anwell who was Killed in the first book Hidden Magic.. Bri’s transition along with her friend Lia’s has been an exciting fun and adventuress time.. With new things to learn around every corner.. Bri is the High Priestess and Cyn the High Priest lead the group of Druids with love and peace in a family atmospheric community.
I really loved reading Absolute Magic.. it is a conclusion and closing to a beautiful series.. if you love Druids, elemental magic, tight family love and acceptance.. you will love reading the whole series starting with book 1 and go all the way to book 5.. you will learn about the trials of all the characters.. Art, Lia, Eisha, Bri, Cyn, Felix “Kevan”, The Goddess Mother, Ashria, Seima, and Cathair…
I did and loved it.. you will too.
I can not wait to see what this author has in store for us in her next book adventure..

Natural Witch

Natural Witch - K.F. Breene

Natural Witch is a continuation to the D. D. V. N. World (Fire and Ice Series)…
The main character Penelope Bristol, who goes by just Penny is a 24 year old young woman… and she know that she has special abilities like being able to know what was just delivered in the mail box, or what her friend is doing or going to say.. she calls it her third eye ability.. she is a fortune teller at a fair ground during the days and does her best at telling her fortunes.
Until one day this mysterious man comes to her tent and starts asking why Penny places her power crystals the way she does.. Penny’s answer is ” the stones talk to me and they tell me where they want to be placed.. That man is Emery.. A troubled Mage with a vendetta of seeking revenge on his brother.
The story is pretty complex.. but keeps you on you toes with action and adventure and throw in some Vampires, an Elemental, a magical war, and some shifters. This combination makes for one interesting story. There is one thing about Penny I found amusing… she doesn’t swear because her mom does not allow it in the house. One word that will be stuck in my mind permanently is and I quote.. “Turdswallop” yep.. that is correct.. I burst out laughing when I read that..
there is humor throughout and lots of attitude and a little mixed feelings.. but lots and lots of team work.
I have to say I loved reading this book.. I look forward to what Penny does while she is being trained to improve her magical skills in the next book…
so give it a read and have fun.. you will love it..

Witch’s Reign

Witch's Reign - Shannon Mayer

first off I like to say that Witch’s Reign is an Awesome book..
If you love action from the get go and shifters you will really love Witch’s Reign..
Zamira “Reckless” Wilson belongs to the Bright Lion Pride although when Zamira shifts.. well she does not shift into a big cat.. she shifts into a small cute and adorable house cat. Nobody would think her dangerous.. but watch out she has some pretty sharp claws and teeth. Her father was the leader or king _ as one would call him…. Zamira would be classified as a princess and was spared from being killed by a group of evil Jinn when they came after her Pride and father.. Her Brother was severely injured and can not shift..
Lila is a small Dragon and is the daughter of a High Dragon of her dragon clan .. Most of the members of her clan do not like her and call her “Runt”. because she is so small and they want to kill her..
Then we have Merlin yes he is from the Venom Trilogy . yes the one who changed Alena Budrene (the pastry and cake baker and owner of a pastry shop) into a big snake shifter that saved Seattle from destruction…
This book happens to some what be a continuation of the Venom Trilogy and as listed there are new characters and new names and a few guest appearances form characters from other books…
it is a fun action filled book with a few surprises.. read it and find out… you will love it…

Unleashing Magic

Unleashing Magic book 4

First of all I have to say that I loved reading Unleashing Magic.. the 4th and final book to this series..

Carmella Hunter and her friends are the last line of defense to save the human race from the Cosmic Gods destruction and taking the Humans free will. With the help from the Coven Witches, the Vampire leader, and all of the supernaturals.. plus Carmella being the anchor for the Skein (this happened in book 3) for the witches total power. Will they be able to defeat the evil Cosmic God?
You will to read Unleashing Magic for yourself to find out what happens… I did and found it AWESOME!!!

Under Twilight

Under Twilight book 3

Under Twilight is the 3rd and final book to this trilogy… and I have to say I loved it.. the action and power that envelops the reader is amazing… thank you for taking me on an incredible journey..

Kenna Carter should be able to relax now that she has her throne.. but with the threat of the Twilight invasion coming up over her Djinn people and the human world how can she? She has several tough decisions that must be made that Kenna must go through… With Kenna being brought up and trained as Fearless does not her situation.. but it does make her stronger.. She has her friends and the one Djinn that she loves by her side to give her help to go forward….
Does she win the battle against Twilight invasion…? well you will have to read the book and find out for yourself.. I did and loved it…